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You must often hear about ultraviolet (UV) light. Nevertheless, some of you probably have no idea that UV light can artificially be produced by humans, not only by the sun. Hence, you can read the following info on UV light production.

First thing you might want to know about UV light is the definition and why it is so called ultraviolet. This ray belongs to the group of electromagnetic radiation which its wavelength is longer than those so called X-rays, but shorter than light human can see. The electromagnetic waves of this UV light spectrum have higher frequencies than the color violet frequencies that humans can see. There is difference between the sun's UV light and those artificial UV light. The later ones are not harmful for human skin as the sun's is.

As you understand that it is different from those coming from the sun, this ray is beneficial rather than harmful. Now you might wonder what the functions and benefits of this artificial UV light. It is usually used in forensics to identify semen, blood and any other bodily elements. Another use, UV light has been famous in security use on companies and industries. Hunters function ultraviolet to find animals. In addition, astronomers use it, as well, to penetrate some hot areas that are able break their tools.

Speaking on the benefits, UV light is perfectly used for bone growth as it gives Vitamin D. It is such an important vitamin which works with calcium to build healthy teeth and bones. Talking about health, ultraviolet light is also used in medical treatment, especially for vitiligo and psoriasis. Some aesthetic clinics also use this light to give their clients beautiful skin.

UV light can be produced by making various types of light bulbs with fluorescence by which the technology has been developed scientists. Mercury combined with xenon or argon comes with an electrical current which produces short-wave UV light. In the production process, UVB and UVC rays are not used since they are harmful. Instead, the scientists use only the UVA. For sources, you can find this light in UV LEDs and laser.

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All About UV ray

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This article was published on 2010/12/16