Building an RC Plane Light System

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RC light systems have two wing lights as well as a tail light and a front center light, all on the bottom of the fuselage. The lights that come in a wiring harness are clear, but lenses can be added to them in order to change their colors. A properly colored navigation light system gives a rc planes a realistic look, but it also adds weight due to the light control box and batteries.

Unwind the light cords that are attached to the harness. The lights and wires are connected through the center control box. Load the batteries into the center control box and make sure that all of the attached LEDs work properly before proceeding. If a light is not working, it's better to find out and repair it before it is placed in the airplane.

Place each light in the fuselage. Place one at the end of each wing, one in the tail, and one at the center of the fuselage near the front of the plane. Thread the wires attached to each light through a drinking straw, cutting the straws if necessary. This will give you more control while you string the wires through the wings and fuselage, and will allow you to remove the wires easily.

Cut small holes in the plane with the craft knife where each light will be placed. The holes should be approximately a quarter of an inch in diameter. Epoxy the LED mounts on the outside of those holes. When the lights and wiring are in place, the LED will snap right into the mount. Allow the epoxy to dry for about two hours.

Mount the wiring harness and control box into the fuselage. String the wires through the fuselage and wings until they reach their locations, then snap each light into its LED mount.

Pop the lenses onto each LED. The traditional color sequence has a red light on the left wing, a green one on the right and a white light on the tail. You can choose other colors.

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Building an RC Plane Light System

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Building an RC Plane Light System

This article was published on 2013/07/18