Change White Background of Pictures with Image Editing

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There are many studios where products or portraits are shot. For a proper portrait there should be a three- point lightning which uses the key light which is the main light, fill light which is placed opposite to the key light, back light which is the rim light or hair light and another fourth light which is known as the kicker that is a very small light. Other types of lights are also used to make the portrait look bright and proper focus is on the face. To create a portrait and change its background first a document of any image editing software has to be created which is to be filled with black and subsequently a new blank layer is created. The background is chosen and merged well after which various tools are used and the background is made to look perfect. Lastly the adjustment layer has to be used and the final document has to be saved. The portrait from the original document has to be selected by a Lasso tool and then dragged into the final document. This works with product pack shots also after which image editing is done.

Creating a portrait is not an easy task to perform. The distractions have to be first removed and cropped out from the photo. The direction of light can change the entire outcome of the snapshot. The background of a white portrait should be very well lighted and sometimes umbrellas are used. For the background to be white, it has to be brighter and distinct from the focused subject. An extra light can be used too. To make a stunning photograph the entire scene should be kept simple and the more complex the scene is the more unlikely it is to get a shot that is the X factor and the backgrounds should be uncluttered. Working with natural light is the best option but if one has to use artificial light then they should keep it simple and use as few lights as possible. With the proper technique and environment, an excellent portrait is clicked.

The image editing is done after the photography is done. This is where one can change white background and add new textures. Solid backgrounds are added by way of layer masking. White is the perfect background, which can bend well with other shades. When solid colors are added, text also can be introduced to the image. This new image is now ready to be used for communicating with the consumers. Many clients opt for first photography against the white background and then have it changed. Portraits of super models also are changed in the same manner. Image editing software are available that can change, edit, omit any background that does not look perfect to the client. Any image editing software that has the layers tool can be used to change the background. The background can be changed by using software like Photoshop, GIMP, and Paint shop Pro etc.  The Adobe Photoshop family provides the ultimate playground for bringing out the best in the digital images, transforming them into anything and showcasing them in extraordinary ways.    

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Change White Background of Pictures with Image Editing

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Change White Background of Pictures with Image Editing

This article was published on 2013/06/03