Elegant lighting solution for your home

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Choosing the right light stand for your home is now much easier than before. The Philip Stark designs are known to be elegant, practical and go very well with every home style. This appears clearly in the FLOS Ktribe 1 light designed by Philip Stark. Since it was released in the market on 2007, Ktribe 1 is offering a great option for everyone looking for an indirect light for his or her home.

The facts behind Ktribe

Starting with the design, the Ktribe 1 is a table mount light with indirect diffuser. This is because the two layer diffuser enables to provide better and evenly diffused light. The importance of the evenly diffused light is that it elevates your mode. Staying in a room with evenly distributed light can improve your mode and help you relax more.

The beauty

The beauty of the Ktribe 1 table lamps is that you can easily preset it to your favorite lighting intensity through the integrated dimmer. Not only that but, other family members can also set the lamp to their own favorite lighting and you can navigate between the different settings with a single click. Changing between the different presets can be done aerially through the CUBO cube as the FLOS Ktribe 1 is CUBO compatible.

The modeling

The dimensions of the Ktribe 1 are very reasonable and help implementing it in any home style and over any table. Thanks to the long power cable and the wireless connectivity with CUBO box, you can mount the Ktribe 1 lamp in virtually any place.

Stand alone piece

The base is made of die cast iron and that gives it a very stable base that supports the tubular slender step. The stem is made from polished aluminum and that gives it the ability to blend with any color combination in the room.

The materials

The diffuser is made from two layers; both are made from mold injected polycarbonate material. The inner diffuser is fume or clear according to your choice while the outer one is opal. All of that is covered with a Nylon black cover.

The combination is very elegant and gives a great option for those looking for a lamp that provides relaxing and calm light in their rooms.

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Elegant lighting solution for your home

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This article was published on 2010/10/19