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Grow light is an electronic lamp or light system which acts as a substitute to sun light for growth of plants in hydroponics gardening. Grow light is thrown by these lamps on the plants to help them carry out photo synthesis process by which plants grow. The growth rate of the plants is directly dependent upon the grow light provided and lack of light or absence of light may completely fade and destroy the plants by stopping their photo synthesis system.

There are various factors to be considered regarding grow light for a successful hydroponics gardening. The most important factor is light intensity. Most of the herbs, flowers and vegetables require high intensity artificial light for a proper photo synthesis and cant grow properly in dim and low intensity light conditions. In order to provide proper light to plants without compromising on the cost, you need to place the bulb at small distance to the plants. According to the hydroponics experts, a suitable position of the bulb is 2 to 3 inch above the foliage.

The second most important factor with a direct impact on the growth rate of the plants is the duration for which Grow light is thrown on the plants. How long light needs to be provided to the plants varies greatly for different types of plants. Most of the vegetables require lighting of 14 to 18 hours each day while in case of some herbs and flowers, even 10 hours a day may suffice. However, providing light for long times may result in heavy cost and the best way to deal with such a situation is to used timer based light systems which turn the light on and off automatically based on the time settings.

Grow light color also plays a very important role in the growth rate of the plants in hydroponic gardening. More closely the characteristics of the light are to the sun light, better is the photo synthesis process. Hence, a light color matching to the sun light color guarantees a faster growth of the plants. Full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs increase the growth rate considerably and are highly recommended for indoor hydroponics gardening.
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This article was published on 2011/01/19