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Can conventional lighting and fluorescent fixtures be retrofitted with LEDs?

Lighting retrofitting will play a significant role in pursuing a sustainable green future. Nowadays, LED fittings can  be easily installed in traditional luminaire  holders. For example, LED T8 tubes can easily replace existing Fluorescent T8 tube light fittings with just minor modification to the circuit by removing the ballast.

What types of LED fittings are available in the market?

LED lighting technology has been developed to satisfy successfully every application in the building environment. Today LED technology is powering household bulbs, Par lights,  LED tube T8 , Projector lights, grow lights, recessed 600×600 light boards and several other light bulb designs. A wide range of color temperatures is also available to create the desirable environment.

What is the process of purchasing and installing LED lighting?

The best process is for the lighting designer to undertake a FREE LED survey. During the FREE LED survey the type and number of LED lights to be installed is determined. The next step is to install a sample of LED lights so they can be tested by the building owner prior to final installation. It is very important to test them as light uniformity, the direct light produced and wide range of  light spectrum make it mandatory to experience LED light quality first hand.

Another important aspect of this process is to determine the ROI. First of all the application areas that will provide the best payback should be identified. For instance, the long operational lifetime of LED lighting ( ≥50,000 hours) will generate the shortest payback periods and energy savings for applications for office buildings that require 6 hours or more of lighting operation. Hence, huge energy and electricity bill savings can be achieved.

Syntegra Building Services design & energy consultants can work direct to private clients, or as part of a corporate multi-disciplinary design team, offering expert strategic advice on infrastructure design(electrical services, public health services, mechanical services), energy procurement, alternative renewable technology options, and meeting sustainability goals. Our approach and design solutions helps to reduce operating costs without impacting on clients' strategic objective aspirations.

Syntegra Consulting's FREE on-site survey(for a limited time only) catalogues every existing light fitting and its current output.  The information is collated and the current electricity consumption costs are calculated.  A proposal is then submitted recommending new lamps or fittings, together with detailed investment and installation costs,  as well as the payback period. The cost of such projects can often be financed using interest free loans from the Carbon Trust.  Syntegra Consulting can apply on a client's behalf and projects can be funded from the ongoing savings. Once the payback period is achieved, there can be continued savings for the next 5 – 10 years.

Syntegra Consulting is an independent energy consultancy and can source products from all the major European LED lighting manufacturers.  The company will specify the optimum light sources for its clients for any specific project.  For more information on the Free LED Feasibility Survey,contact Syntegra Consulting Ltd today.

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LED lighting FAQ

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This article was published on 2010/10/04