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Recently, Vanderbilt University, a graduate student accidentally discovered in a single experiment, a hybrid, "paint", painted in light-emitting diode lamp, the original of blue lantern issued as ordinary white light as incandescent bulbs. The invention uses a resin. Scholars predict that a revolutionary new discovery is likely to expand the concept of lighting objects to light bulbs, the only painted this "paint" any object can play the role of light bulbs.

Michael? Bowles is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, mixed "paint" derived from his invention of the experiment, incidental findings. In that experiment, the Powers had just trying to make really small quantum dots, size of several nanometers, less than one thousandth of a human hair. Quantum dot is made of nano-crystalline semiconductor materials, semiconductor nanocrystals can be called, also known as "artificial atoms", by the small number of atoms, a dimension of 100 nanometers or less. Ordinary quantum dots which generally contains 100 to 1000 e, the electron is very active and the smaller the quantum dot. Shine a light on quantum dots or apply electricity to them will be active after the quantum dots, given the various colors of bright light. But when Bowers shined a laser on his quantum dots, something unexpected happened. "When a white glow covered the table, I was surprised," Bowers said, "The quantum dots were supposed to Blu-ray, but they are giving off a beautiful white light."

Achieve that surprised to discover, the Bowers and another student germination of a new idea. Epoxy Resin Industry Association of China experts say, they have such a quantum dot with polyurethane / epoxy resin mixture, after mixing, the mixture will coat a blue LED lights on. Apply mixed "paint" the light bulb size "bloated." But the important thing is it really like, such as Bowers issued a white light. This is not a light-emitting diode white light blue white light formed by the converted, but issued as incandescent bulbs warm white light. LED and incandescent white hair is not the same principle. The former issue by injecting electric phototherapy, phototherapy must be converted by a phosphor, and then mixed by light to form white light. The latter issue is heating tungsten white light.

And with 60-watt standard incandescent bulb compared to coated "paint" the light bulb light about 2 times brighter than the former, lighting time is extended about 50 times. Quantum dots mixed "paint" the invention, by scientists that will enable the application of light-emitting diodes into a new era. Compared with the 60-watt standard incandescent lamp, the LED light brighter lighting for longer, can last 50,000 hours and not easy to break. LEDs do not heat therefore also more energy efficient. If all use LED lighting, to the 2025 U.S. energy consumption for lighting than they are now down 29%. Issued in 1998 before the advent of white LEDs, it can only produce red, green, yellow and blue color light, thus limiting the scope of use. Time limits for use in light-emitting diode traffic lights, flash and architectural lighting purposes, for general lighting in terms of white light that people need. The invention in 1998, white light LED white light can be issued through conversion, and therefore inefficient. Therefore, this discovery could greatly expand the application of light-emitting diodes. Scientists have even expressed the hope that eventually replace the incandescent light-emitting diodes, fluorescent lamps and sodium lamps.

In fact, if the invention can be commercial promotion, light bulbs will no longer be the only source of light. Quantum dots mixed "paint" can be spread on any one specific thing, as long as the issue of quantum dots can activate a variety of colors including white light, then light bulb may be on the end times. [Key words]: LED   Illumination   LED Comment Large   In   Small

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Luminous paint + LED = lighting revolution - light-emitting diode, lighting, LED-lighting industry

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This article was published on 2011/04/01