Strobe Light for Emergency and Decorative Lighting Purposes

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You can find a variety of strobe light kits both for decorative as well as for emergency lighting purposes. These are used for a large number of reasons. Firstly, you can combine any number of these light heads depending upon your requirement to get high intensity, bright lighting. They give you maximized output and bright lighting with lower power wattage especially when you use LEDs as the chief lighting source. You can either go for individual light heads or go for full length light bars which have 4 or 6 of these in all directions. You can mount them in a staggered fashion, for efficient lighting and that too, in all directions.

The strobe light heads can be easily mounted as they are manufactured for easy installation and maintenance. In some cases, you can fit them in 1 inch diameter holes in the front end as well as the rear end of the vehicles. You can not only mount them on the roofs of vehicles but also on the bumper, grille or over the tail and brake lights depending upon where you need them to be. These light heads can also be installed as part of composite headlamps when you need maximum lighting on dark highways or for search and rescue missions. In fact, a single light heads can be configured to have 6 to 12 or even more high intensity, super bright LEDs each with a power rating varying from 1W to 10W or even more. This is because LEDs provide maximum luminosity with the lowest wattage and hence last longer on a simple power supply during crisis situations.

The strobe light heads use patented technology and advanced mechanisms such as multiple unit synchronization. You can have several light heads flashing in sync with each other. Similarly, you can use interconnectors to divide a group of light heads into different phases and then have them flashing sequentially, alternately or in sync with each other. Thus you can program the light heads to flash as a powerful warning signal and ensure that the patterns cannot be missed by anyone. The warning signal can also be varied in terms of intensity with special intensity control knobs. The flashing rate can be varied too.

Built in flash patterns in a strobe light head can be controlled either with an external device or an internal flasher. The solid state electronics is reliable and also makes it easier to wield the lighting equipment. You can choose from dozens of flashing options such as steady and simultaneous flashing or single, double and quad flashing. These flashing patterns can be made even more effective when you use flasher LED modules in different colors. A wide range of tubes in various safety colors are easily available as part of the lighting kits and that too at great prices. Apart from these tubes, you will also get micro switch, extension cables, spare LEDs, slide-in lenses and optic filters, all of which contribute towards creating a powerful warning signal.

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Strobe Light for Emergency and Decorative Lighting Purposes

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Strobe Light for Emergency and Decorative Lighting Purposes

This article was published on 2011/11/19