Using Lights in Your Landscape Design

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Whether the landscape design is for your back and/or front yard, most people are proud of their design and want to show it off.  One way to heighten your landscape design is add landscape lights.  When using lights to enhance your landscape the sky is the limit.  You can choose to use just a few lights scattered around the yard or you can go all out and make it an elaborate display.  Most landscape designs have a focal point and when you use lights you can be sure to focus on it with outdoor lights.  If there are special architectural features on your house you can use lights to accentuate those features.  Lighting for your landscape design can cost from a few dollars up to a few thousand dollars.  The costs depends on how big of an area you want to use lights in, what type of lights you want to use, etc.

In addition to the cost of the lights you also need to consider the extra cost to your electric bill for the electricity to run the lights.  There are also solar powered lights that you can purchase.  Using lights can give your yard and home a resort-like look.  You can use lights to make areas of the yards more of an entertainment area when you light it up such as patios, pools, areas where the children play, and more.

Having lights can also help to ensure the safety aspect of your back and front yard increases because if the areas to your front door are lit it can make you feel safer knowing that there are no dark areas where someone could hide.  When you use lighting in your landscape design, use them to light up your sidewalk.  You can also use them around vegetation that is thorny or hanging down low to help prevent someone from stumbling over them and falling down.

Landscape design using lighting can only increase the value of your home if you should decide to sell your home.  If your perspective buyers come in the early evening it can give them a great first impression.  Some of the lights you can purchase also come with timers and motion sensors.  When using these types of lights you do not have to worry about turning on switches.  The same for solar powered lights which soak up the sun’s rays and when the sun goes down, they automatically come on.

One type of lights you can use is called architectural lightening which are used to help accentuate the features in the stone and brick work of your home.  These lights can be used to enhance your statues, fountains, and gateways.  There is also path lighting that is used to illuminate your driveways and walkways.  These are especially nice to help ensure that you do not trip and fall as you are walking toward the house or to your car.

You can also use down lighting in your landscape design that you can mount on the branches of the trees in your yard.  It is also called moon lighting.  It gives the appearance of moonlight filtering through your trees.

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Using Lights in Your Landscape Design

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Using Lights in Your Landscape Design

This article was published on 2013/07/18